Giantz Window Tint Film Black Commercial Car Auto House Glass 76cm X 7m VLT 15%

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Window tinting has been a popular option for decades, both as a perceived insulator from heat and glare as well as increasing privacy. Plus, in Australia summer, your car can get hot - really hot. Having a tint on your windows, can help to reduce air conditioning usage in a way and improve the look of most cars.

Features15% visible light transmissionReduces glare from sun, snow and headlightsReduces interior fadingKeep your vehicle coolProtective film cover99% UV resistanceEffective heat insulation5 easy steps to applyBonus knife & scraper blades

Specifications:Size: 76cm x 7mVLT: 15%Colur : BlackThickness: 2 mil 2 layerUV resistance: 99%Solar energy rejected: 60%

Package Content
1 x 7m Window Tint
1 x Knife
10 x Scrapper blades

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